Success achieved through Education:

P. Mugatamma is from Maniga Panchaythi in Bhamini Mandal. Being 41 years old from S.C community was elected unanimously as Grama sarpanch of Maniga Panchayathi because  it is reserved Panchayath for SC but the local elders are performing all her duties representing even in the mandal office meetings and in the grama sabhas due to her illiteracy. She, being innocent, used to live in kitchen room and doing daily labour.

At this time Holy Cross started work in the village, starting Adult Education Center for women. After attending the Adult Education Center, Mugatamma learned to read and write and also she has become aware of the issues and realized her rights. She realized practically that as a woman, she can understand the problems of other women better and suggest effective methods to help and solve them. As Mugatamma was showing signs of being assertive in handling her role, full co-operation was extended to her by village elders. Now she is conducting panchayat meetings on her own since then. She succeeded in getting sanctions of C.C road and other Govt. schemes to her village. In achieving this, she had taken the help of SHG’s.


Secure self dignity:

My name is Vijaya, age 38 years. I belong to Mulaguda village. I am the member of Sri Laxmi SHG, promoted by Holy Cross NGO. The Holy Cross NGO conducted Adult Literacy Center for two years in our village. Ms. Indira is our Animator, who taught us well. I learned to read and write not only read and write Telugu, and also learned more about new things through our animator.

One day, the government officer of the Health Department came to our village to recruit Asha - Karyakartha and they appointed me as Asha Karyakatha. Now I am very happy to tell that Education which I received through Adult Education Center conducted by Holy Cross NGO helped me a-lot. I am also feeling very happy to motivate the fellow women in our village on Health and hyzine. I am thanking to Holy Cross NGO.

- Vijaya , Asha- Karyakartha



The tribal women of Koth Pasukudi Village enjoy greater freedom when it comes to decision making. In fact they are the breadwinners of the family.

Helpless Village in the Corner

The majority of people in this village are small and marginal farmers, though they are putting lot of energy on their lands, unable to yield satisfactory returns. Low fertile land, degraded soil, very meger and neglected irrigation facilities unable to invest on capital even to the minimum extent required inputs. Lack of proper knowledge in cultivation systems is one of the major factor for crop failures and low agricultural production and also due to diminishing forest produces resulting in scarcity of food grains result reduce economic income among the people. For agricultural works people borrowing loans from shahukars and money lenders with high rate of interest. In the harvesting season, people repaying their loans, in the shape of grains.  After harvesting people keeping their grain in unsafe condition. Due to insects and fire accidents they are losing grains and forest produces.  Due to lack of proper knowledge on cultivation systems, high usage of chemical fertilizers insects and fire accidents, frequent failures of monsoons, low productivity, exploitation of money lenders, 'lack of proper seed repositories people unable to consume 50% their produced grains.  So, people in this village become under poverty line lack of proper knowledge on cultivation systems is the main problem of farmers.


The new found hope

The women of Koth Pasukudi are not new to the thrift and credit activities – due to the hard work of Holy Cross Social Service Society, an NGO operating in the Bhamini and Kotturu Mandals of Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh. This NGO got more strength through its partnership with IGSSS. The NGO inturn provided support to the tribal to improve their inherent capacity. The presence of Holy Cross and IGSSS- Tribal Development Programme through Sustainable Agricultural Practices influenced the poor villagers in promoting the social consciousness and a sense of security for lively hood – especially through Women Former Clubs. Holy Cross brought in a sea of change in the attitude of the timid poor people of the village. The first glimpse of this is the Women Former Club. The twelve members of Group started in Kotha Pasukudi Village. They are started gathering information of every thing that they needed for their lively hood and learned several aspects of governance, administration and management. Like most of the tribes they once used to run away at the mere sight of a stranger. Now Women Former Club meetings and the Trainings on Sustainable Agriculture, Leadership, and Organic Farming given and made them to realize what they can do by themselves for the welfare of their small Society, and need not afraid of strangers.


Increasing our capacities:

We 14 women are the members of Santhoshimatha SHG, Burujola Village. We all are illiterates. We used to depend on our Animator to write the meeting minits of Group, Bank transition and other activities of group. At this time Holy Cross started work in the village; beginning with training on Leadership providing guidance to the SHG’s starting Adult Education Center for women to create awareness. After attending the Adult Education Center, we learned to read and write and also we become aware on managing of group. Now we are able to write meeting menit of our Group with out help of animator. We also attended Leadership training programmes conducted by Holy Cross NGO. In trainings we received from Holy Cross the confidence and knowledge to mange group by ourselves and to set up small income generation activities.  We also became aware of the issues and our rights through our animator. Our group had a good credibility in our village. Whenever there are any problems in our village, we and the elders of village sit together, discuss and take decisions and address the problems. We are receiving appreciations from villagers for salving the problems in our village itself.


Became free from clutches of money lenders:

My name is A. Paramma, belong to Ippamanuguda village. I have 3 Daughters and 2 sons; my husband is working as a daily labour, he spends total money to liquor. If I ask money for maintain family he used to beat me. My-self and my children are faced problems due to insufficient food. My children became un healthy due to insufficient food and malnutrition.   One day one woman from Holy Cross Social Service Society came to our village and motivated us and made us to form as a Mahila Sangham (SHG).And the Holy Cross gave one Milk cattle as a revolving fund which is recoverable with out interest.  This great help from Holy Cross Social Service Society gave us a great relief and we are ever grateful to them. With the earnings of milk cattle I practiced saving money, with that savings I feed my children with good food bedsides successfully repaid my loan amount and helped another woman in our group. We are grateful to Holy Cross Social Service Society.


Became self dependent:

My name is Nagamma. I belong to Gajapathinagaram village. I joined in Bridge school for Tailoring conducted by Holy Cross Social Service Society. Mrs. Sundaramma was our instructor, she taught us very well. I learned how to stitch blouses, shirts and pants etc. After my training the Holy Cross organization has guided me to get Loan from Government for parchasing of Swing machine and I started tailoring work in my home. Now I am getting income daily Rs 150/- . This amount is helping my family to get sufficient food and clothes. It’s very happy to me that I am able to help my parents to lead our family with the guidance of HCSSS..

I really thankful to Holy Cross Social Service Society for extending this opportunity and better livelihood.

- Nagamma

Success achieved thro Education
Secure self dignity
Helpless Village in the Corner
The new found hope
Increasing our capacities
Became free from clutches of money lenders
Became self dependent
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