The strength of natural resources is an indicator of a country’s progress. If we make use of the resources available in nature by protecting them, human life can be made comfortable. There is close relation between nature and women, in daily life Natural recourses like water, land and forests are becoming secure. Because of loss of forests, rains are not occurring in the proper season. Because of drought, people have been migrating to other areas. Keeping this in view, Holy Cross Social Service Society has taken up activities since year 2002 on Environment Protection and Natural resources management with the support of Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. Meetings, seminars, workshops, trainings, rallies, small group discussions were taken up during the programme.

The programmes focused on solid waste management, plastic waste management and preparation of bio-mass, preparation of bio-diversity registers and village bio-diversity plan etc. Preparation of vermin-compost units, kitchen garden, sanitation activity at village level, purification of drinking water, bio-mass nurseries and plantation etc activities were taken up in the programme.


This Year , HCSSS has organized a campaign with the theme “Climate Change”  in our target villages with financial assistance of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India. We conducted one day Workshop on “Climate Change” in our target village i.e. Akulatampara Colony in Kotturu Mandal of Srikakulam District. There are 134 villagers attended for the above work shop and also SHGs, Water users committees, Formers Associations also attended.

Resource persons were created awareness on Climate Change and in their speeches the following topics were covered.

  1. Reasons for the reduction of biodiversity
  2. Necessity of Plantation
  3. The specialties of traditional crops
  4. Use of Manure
  5. Use of Vermi Compost

Information materials such as printouts and posters and banners were displayed/ distributed in these villages for public attention.


As a special measure to restore greenery, HCSSS has taken up intensive plantation in its operational area. We have successfully Planted 1000 tamarind trees at Bhamini Mandal.



National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC)
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