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Towards better society
Welcome to the Holy Cross Social Service Society, a non-profit, secular NGO dedicated to championing the welfare and enhancing the living conditions of marginalized communities, with a special focus on the Savara and Jatapu indigenous groups in the villages bordering Andhra and Odisha in southeast India.


Areas of Intervention


Empowering rural and tribal Andhra Pradesh through inclusive education and gender equality initiatives, ensuring every girl can thrive as a leader and catalyst for community change.

Health Care

Empowering rural and tribal Andhra Pradesh with sustainable healthcare solutions, bridging gaps through education integration, policy advocacy, and community-driven initiatives for improved health outcomes and equitable access.


Fostering inclusive, resilient, and sustainable livelihoods in rural and tribal Andhra Pradesh through strategic alliances and community-driven interventions, empowering communities to overcome environmental, market, and social challenges for a thriving future.

Social Justice & Inclusion

Promoting social justice and inclusion through collaboration, equitable practices, and justice system reform to empower marginalized communities.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Promoting water security through integrated WASH initiatives for rural communities in India, emphasizing sustainability and community empowerment.


Addressing climate change and environmental degradation through conservation, sustainable energy, and community resilience-building initiatives.

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